Workshop and Studio

The Studio

The build started in February 2014 with the wooden posts in the ground due to the slopping site. Once the build was completed we had the basis of a studio to develop into something special. A wood sealing base layer and two coats of “Ballroom Slipper” saw the bare wood transformed. 

The door was so high a handily placed breeze block made a perfect step for access. Painting inside was completed in time for a special birthday in April which witnessed dancing until midnight and a few hangovers in the morning. Its role as a party venue continued into the summer when the younger generation took full advantage for some rowdy sessions.

Late summer and it was finally transformed into a working studio in time for NEOS(North East Open Studios) in September 2014 ..including the deck with the well know “Everest” like steps, completed just the week before opening !!

The Workshop

In 2018 the workshop was added across the pond to give a dedicated spaceĀ  for for the more messy wood creations. No bought “SHED” would do, so Ged designed and built it himself , with occasional help from the Studio. My secondment to build assistant was the result of number one Son leaving for France , he was happily working at a Chateau as seen on Escape to the Chateau DIY, while his poor mother was left to hold the posts literally !

Another deck, we do like wood at Compass Rose, was added to give more workspace and to take advantage of the good weather and fantastic views. A serene location, perfectly placed in the landscape to inspire you, with Radio 4 playing in the background and only the concessional shouts being heard if things aren’t going to plan ! (Anyone who knows Ged will know I have my tongue firmly in my cheek while I write this).